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MLSP Review


MLSP Review

What is “My Lead System Pro”?

This is my honest MLSP Review and introduction to the system.

My Lead System Pro AKA MLSP is About You Making More Money Generating More Leads  & Explode YOUR Home Business.

MLSP has one of the most powerful, lucrative, and innovative affiliate programs online today.

It’s a place where you can learn how to build your business what tools to use and how to use them. How to build and promote yourself not your business opportunity by providing all tools and training you need.  So you can take your business to a whole new level.

As a business owner, you can benefit from MLSP in few different ways:

1. Use it as an educational platform. Learn how to market yourself and your business. You’ll have access to ongoing weekly live mastermind meetings & training with the top leaders.

Learn how to leverage different Social Media platforms and Strategies to reach your perfect customer.
In addition to that, in the back office, you have access to the whole training Library, this is a collection of all the weekly live webinars provided by the top earners and experts in online space.

Marketing Strategies Tutorials:

MLSP Review MLSP-Review

2. Use all the tools that are provided to you as a member.

*The New MLSP Sites will make a gigantic impact on your business. The Sites allows you no matter the level of your technical expertise, to build a blog with only three clicks of your mouse and instantly become an authority in your niche.

*The Funnalizer – Now this is where you become like a Pro. With the Funnalizer will be creating custom capture pages that will make your visitors give you their emails effortlessly.

*CRM – this tool will make your customers and clients think that you care for them because you remember everything about them.

*Custom Links – You know how sometimes you have a very long link to share and want to customize your link, make it small and unique easy to share. And there is something imperative about this tool that very few people know. When someone clicks on your link, they will be tagged to you.

*Tracking – is a crucial strategy for your business. You need to know what is working for you and where to put your effort if you want to have a successful business without spinning in circles. You will know where your leads are coming from and which campaign is working for you.

* Hosted Media where you can host your videos, the platform will make your videos look clean & professional without the distractive video selection at the end like the YouTube videos are offering.

*Free Autoresponder for you first 500 subscribers, which is perfect for the beginner. It’s a tool that will allow you to build and control your customer list, and you’ll be able to communicate with them on a daily basis.
In addition to that MLSP are providing you with professionally prewritten highly converting email follow-up series that you can transfer with one click of your mouse.

Also, you have the choice of integrating additional autoresponder. If you already have one you can very easily connect it with your MLSP campaigns.

*Create and manage your custom QR Codes. It gives you complete control and tracking of your QR codes that you want to create.

Review MLSP

“QR” Code stands for Quick Response Code. Your prospect will scan this 2-dimensional QR Code from their mobile device with a “QR Reader” application to save time versus typing your domain name.

3. As a member you are also an affiliate partner, you have the rights to promote MLSP and the products that are available to you.

As of today, you have 57 ready to use campaigns, which you can start promoting right the way for an additional income stream.
What that means is: from the very beginning you can position yourself as an authority by providing value to your followers and turn them into customers, team members or clients.

There are two levels of membership University and Mastery.

University members can earn 30% commissions as affiliates from all the ready to use funnels, and they have access to some of the tools. Also, they will make 30% commissions from all the members they refer to MLSP as long as they remain, members and 30% on all the products.

As a Mastery member, you get the benefits of all the tools, plus you will make $100 per every Mastery member that you’ll refer to MLSP per month as long as the stay a member.
Plus as of now you get other nine campaigns to promote on 100% commissions (minus the transfer fee).

Keep 100% of the ENTIRE SALE

Legally “hi-jack” products created by the top earners in the home business arena (6, Multi-6, and even 7-Figure Earners) and sell them as if they were your products… and Keep 100% of the entire sale!

MLSP Review

How can MLSP  help you to grow your business?

As the name says it all, this is a system that you’ll be able to customize and make it your own, to pour laser targeted leads into your business as you get the help and support from the MLSP’s community.

It’s an Educational Platform based on Attraction Marketing that is created specifically to help small business owners to take their business online and leverage the internet.

You can use the system to brand yourself and get your product or service out there. Personally, I am using the system to promote my cake decorating business. We have members that are owners of all kind of different companies, like Real Estate, Carpenters, Art, Dentists, Herbalife and other MLM companies and more.

No matter what type of business you have, you need to advertise it so people can find you and what’s even better when using the system, is that you’ll be able to position yourself as an authority from the very beginning.

And if you are in MLM opportunity, that means; No more chasing people, no more of the frustration of cold calling pitching and hair pulling activities. On top of that, you will be able to make a profit from most of the people that will say no to your business opportunity, and we all know that is close to 90 % of the time.



The Idea behind MLSP & a little bit of History:

The whole idea behind MLSP is to teach and help business owners how to apply Attraction Marketing to grow their customer base.

The co-founders Brian Finale & Norbert Orlewicz created My Lead System Pro to help their MLM team members to get more reps into their downline and assist them to build their MLM businesses, about eight years ago.

So they focused on keeping it simple and duplicable at the same time they are providing the needed tools and education for all the members.

As they were helping their team members to skyrocket their businesses, they start creating hundreds of success stories.

Very shortly after seeing the results produced by MLSP, other business owners and leaders start begging them to release the system to the public so they, their team members & followers can benefit from it as well.

Not too long after that Brian & Norbert tweaked the system to be more generic and launched MLSP to the public. So now, every business owner can adopt it, customize and personalize it specifically for their own business.

As an MLSP member, you get instant access to:

MLSP Review

To Re-cap “MLSP Review.”

MLSP is NOT a biz opportunity it’s a practical education platform with an affiliate program that provides promotional tools like the Funnelizer, the Sites the CRM. That helps small business owners to brand themselves by using the tools and Attraction Marketing to attract interested prospects to you instead of pitching & chasing people. By adding Value that solves their problems which are leads & money or simply give them what they want.

1. Add some extra income streams as an affiliate promoting the system and all the training.

2. Build your brand, and have your blog online in 3 clicks – The SITES

3. Create your own funnels & offers that sell YOUR products – The FUNNELIZER

4. Follow up with interested prospects with a professional customer relationship manager… CRM

5. Build your own e-mail ‘List’ by giving away done-for-you valuable training, gifts, PDF’s, and downloads for Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Twitter and much more.

6. Get LIVE ongoing lead generation training from the best in the profession…

7. Access the MLSP community, which is the most supportive group of entrepreneurs & business owners online today.


And most importantly learn how to brand and build YOU thru the MLSP education system & training portal.

I hope this MLSP Review will help you understand the power of the system so you’ll be able to make an informed decision for yourself and your business.


As always thank you for visiting, I appreciate you! Give me your thoughts in the comments below. If you think this could be helpful for someone, please share :). 

Now Go Crash it!

 Till Next Time,

Take Care & Stay Cool!

Emi Koulev



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