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Dr. Erica Goodstone

I am a love mentor and spiritual relationship healer helping men and women heal their bodies and their relationships through love. Everyone wants to love and be loved yet so many of us do not know how.  As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marriage Counselor, Sex Therapist, Board Certified Coach and Somatic Body Psychotherapist, my life’s work is about revealing the simple secret to creating love that endures.

Relationship Healer

C1My Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me book series is available at Amazon and Smashwords as a complete book, ebooks and Kindle books.

My Love in the Blizzard of Life novel is the star crossed NanoWrimo-LoveintheBlizzardOfLiferomantic
love adventure story I completed during a NANOWRIMO challenge.




I have also published hundreds of articles at YourTango (prominent relationship site), SelfGrowth, and Ezinearticles, where, as a Diamond Author, I was showcased as 1 of the top 20 out of 400,000 Expert Authors. American Association for Integrative Medicine Column

Currently I write a monthly “Best Practices” column for two major professional organizations, The American Psychotherapy Association and The American Association for Integrative Medicine.


As a dedicated virtual entrepreneur I have trained with some of the leading online marketers on everything from creating web sites, videos, podcasts and digital products to branding, copywriting, marketing, and promotion.

My Web Sites is my authority site, showcasing all the events and products I have created.

10_copy is my therapy site for clients and potential clients.

DrEricaWellness.com_Banner is a site for therapists and health practitioners
to learn about marketing and collaborative cross promotion.

Marketing_Our_Practices_Banner_Image is about healthy living for the rest of your life.

HealthyBabyBoomersNetwork.com__Banner provides links to professional organizations and healing modalities.


My Digital Products

30 Day Love Challenge is an experience that will transform the way you
approach love, for the rest of your life.

30 Day Love Challenge

Healing Through Love Seminar Series guides you to review your past, understand
and forgive yourself and others, and finally choose to create the love you desire.

Healing Through Love Seminar Series

LoveTouchHeal Relationship System is a complete set of books, videos and audios to
help you choose love and become the loving person you want to be.

Complete Relationship System

My Radio Show

Healthy Baby Boomers Network Radio Show showcases experts in different niches,
men and women who exemplify living healthy, productive and inspiring lives in their
30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond.


My PAC Expert Author Blogs

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My Upcoming Virtual Summits

My next step, after appearing as an expert on 6 different love summits, is to create
virtual marketing summits featuring experts on specific skills and mindsets you need
to have to expand and grow your business in 2016.

Contact Me at

  • For assistance with building your online business
  • For more personal and emotional love and relationship issues
  • To appear on my radio show or future summits

I look forward to connecting, sharing, and working with you.


Dr. Erica
Love Mentor and Relationship Healer
Where There Is Love There IS A Way