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Emi Koulev – The Cake Lady Of Online Home Business Branding


Emi koulev is dedicated to helping Home Business Owners to Brand themselves Online & Leverage the Internet and the Social Media Platforms, all about the Online Home Business Branding & Marketing!

Online Home Business Branding!


Helping people became my nature ever since I was a little girl. The neighbors next door were people with disabilities. They couldn’t go shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking the garbage out, laundry stuff of that nature by themselves.

So my mom started helping them with something every day ever since they move in.
It took me a while to get comfortable around them. It was painful for me to watch them move, but they were so sweet and kind to me I couldn’t resist, and we became friends.

A little thing like taking the garbage out or shopping for groceries or make them a cup of tea made me feel fulfilled and satisfied and I wanted to help them more & more.

I start doing something good for them every time I felt down & blue. And every time I did I felt great and happy again.

It was that time when I realized how cool is to assist someone just to make their life a little better.

It’s funny how it works, but really you are doing a good deed for someone and helping them, but you are doing it for yourself, so you feel better.

Now I live in different country, am a wife, a mom taking care of my boys, my family and expanding my services every time I have an opportunity to do so.


My Top 5 Strengths Themes 

  1. Learner
  2. Achiever
  3. Relator
  4. Belief
  5. Responsibility


“Your life could be as sweet as a cupcake; it’s up to you to claim the honor and design it.”                                                                                    ~ Emi Koulev


Emi Koulev – Author



Cakes For Kids Modeling 101


Cakes For Kids Fondant Modeling 101



Emi Koulev – teacher at Skillshare:

Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Field.

Online Home Business Branding

Emi Koulev

This class is about Online Home Business Branding.

In this course, I am taking you step by step through the proses of creating your online presence as a business owner & entrepreneur. So you can take your business online & leverage the Internet & all the Social Media Platforms to promote yourself & your business.

Also, I am showing you how to create your first irresistible offer to attract your perfect prospects and how to turn them to clients for more profit.




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Emi Koulev


My new website created with the “New Sites” it was a blast working with Ray Higdon for a month and pick & adopt some of his own strategies. Always looking to expand my knowledge so I can pass it on.

This website is all about you as a business owner and your Online Home Business Branding.



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Emi Koulev

As an Independent Certified Instructor, I taught classes locally since 2010 and decided to build my cake decorating website to provide more value for my students & visitors and to help with my Online Home Business Branding.




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Online Home Business Branding

One of the best things I did for myself & my business was to become a Member & an Expert Author of the PAC community. They have a mission to help bloggers, and that mission resonates with me. Here we support, help  & inspire each other and all our visitors.

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If you have a question for me, if you need any help with branding your business online or how to generate laser targeted leads for your business using the Internet, fill out the form below and leave a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.






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