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Joy Healey

Joy HealeyMy blog shows you how to use affiliate marketing and MLM, part-time, to build your business online.

It’s only over the last couple of years that I started blogging in a way that I like to think of as “Properly”. Before that I made every mistake in the book – and then some.

Because I don’t have a lot of spare time, what I do has to be effective – which means (I have finally learned) that it’s usually more time efficient to use paid resources, such as training and my auto-responder.

Now I also make sure that any service I use – like hosting and my WordPress theme – has good support to help me over the inevitable glitches.

Nothing Is Free

HowMuch-300x300One of the hardest lessons I had to learn was that very little online is genuinely free. You pay for it by:

  • Time
  • Blood, sweat and tears
  • Being on someone’s mailing list
  • Allowing them to contact YOUR prospects
  • Money

And, quite honestly, my time – as a part-time blogger – is so precious that paying a few dollars to save wasting time is preferable to the other options.

You may disagree, it took me a lot of wasted time to admit it to myself, but eventually I had had enough of the struggling, and I take the “done for you” approach whenever possible – apart from creating my own blog posts – which is something I enjoy.

If you’d like to get in touch, please contact me via:

How I Can Help You

I offer a free 30 minute coaching call that lets us both see how we can move your business forward by working together.

Having been “burnt” in the past, I like to keep a couple of projects on the go. If you’re interested in either of these ways of making money online, please get in touch to arrange your free, no obligation call and we can discuss:

  • Affiliate Marketing and / or
  • Network Marketing

Learn Affiliate Marketing

DAMSBridgeWhen I first started Affiliate Marketing I wondered why I wasn’t getting the same success that others seemed to be getting.

Then I saw a free quiz, and after taking that I learned the “Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret” – and the scales fell from my eyes!

Within a fortnight of finding this out I had my first 3-figure affiliate marketing payday.

Don’t waste time struggling with affiliate marketing until you take this free Affiliate Marketing quiz.

Choose The Best MLM Company

ebook-failed-at-mlm-250-widePerhaps you have been put off from trying MLM / Network Marketing by all the claims of scam and foul play. Or perhaps you have tried it before and failed? Here’s what happened to me. Did you feel the same way?

  • Sick of trying to make sales?
  • Skint after auto-ships / monthly fees / giving away samples?
  • Over-stocked from buying in to retain your rank?
  • Frustrated that your team keep leaving?

If any of these applies to you, request my free eBook and learn how Network Marketing should be….

The company I am with takes away all the stress, because you can qualify for life with a one-off affordable purchase. Yes! You can be your own customer. Go from Failure To Success in MLM – click here.