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Kathryn Maclean



Hi there my name is …
Kathryn Maclean

I have met  online many wonderful marketers and bloggers.

Each blogger has their own way to market based on their own style and way of writing. No  two bloggers do it quite like another, they are unique, and this is how they are successful.

On my  blog I have my favorite  marketers and bloggers. Also training and development processes in which an individual can be supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal with the Power Affiliate Club or PAC.


Marketing,  using the internet, not just your business  first, but  differently – YOU first.  Marketing  isn’t a department, it’s the story of how you create a difference  for your customers with the purpose of selling your product or service.



The set of engagements necessary for successful marketing  includes:

  • capturing marketing insights
  • connecting with customers
  • building  a strong brand
  • shaping the market offerings
  • delivering and communicating value

Creating long-term growth,  developing marketing strategies and plans that include the use of many social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

I am a member and an Expert Author with PAC, a  blogging community  where we have many PAC Expert Authors who share their expertise and experience to readers all over the world. Our tag line: Powered by Bloggers, Member Driven

Besides being a member and author, I am  also the Welcome Coordinator for the Power Affiliate Club and look forward to an exciting future with PAC.  Check out our community blog …


Personally, I started out in  Commercial  Art in high school, and I’ve been on the Internet since 2000 –  when I bought my first website and decided I would learn how to it myself. Back then there were NO social media platforms like there are today… I am now a Social Media Campaign Specialist. I’ve have learned how to promote business on the internet.  Now that is my business.

You can read my full story here


Today I offer services in:

  • Community Development
  • Blogging (how to)
  • Traffic generation
  • Website set-up
  • Focus Coaching


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Programs I Currently promote:

 Kathryn Ruth Maclean-Racicot.
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