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PAC Blogging Tips

Hey there!

If you’re on this page you have joined:

Congratulations! We love you!

This website, “PAC – M” (PAC Members Site)  offers PAC Members the opportunity to create their own public personal page and profile to promote their products, training, and/or opportunities.

The following steps will guide you in navigating PAC and what to do first as a member of our community. Kathryn Maclean is our PAC Welcome Lady and you may have received a “Welcome” email from her.

If you’re a member of the PAC Blogging and Affiliate Facebook Community:

  1. Introduce yourself in a Post
  2. Become a member of the PAC Community Blog
  3. If you have a blog and would like comments and traffic, fill out this form and you’ll be added to our blog Rotator
  4. Read about the Blog Rotator
  5. Directions on how to use the Blog Rotator here
  6. 6. Participate in the PAC Facebook Community activities

more being added soon

To view these videos, click on the green button ABOVE to your right to view

  1. Free Verses Owning Your Own Blog

  2. Clean Up Your Sidebar

  3. Organize Your Blog Menu


Again, welcome and feel free to contact us anytime!

The PAC Team