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Sue Bride

Hi or as they say in Australia, my adopted country,  G’day.  I grew up in Yorkshire, UK, and now live in a coastal town on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

I’m an avid supporter of PAC, where I’m pleased to be one of the Expert Authors. I also help out with the Facebook PAC Fanpage Syndication Group. PAC is a friendly, helpful community supporting people doing online business effectively, and ethically.

With university qualifications in Social Science, I started my career in Human Resources – Recruitment, Training, and Management Development, working in the City of London and Sydney. While my 3 children were young I studied for and ran a home based Accounting service.

My journey with writing online began 10+ years ago and my main site,, started in 2006 where I began with writing about the new phenomena called “blogging”.  Because I was fascinated by the next new breakthrough, Social Media, I added that as a main topic. My interest remains to this day and I’m always researching what’s new.

Web Building was a natural progression for me. Although I now concentrate on building WordPress sites,  the html, CSS and bit of PHP coding I learned is still really useful for creating and adapting themes. I now have college qualifications in Web Building, Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Working from home is still ideal for me as I’m a carer for my adult disabled son, who’s now at home more hours than when he went to school. He has Fragile X Syndrome which you can read about on my Fragile X Awareness website.

Ways I can help you:

  • Advice, help and mentoring with blogging, WordPress, and Social Media. Drop me a message via my Facebook Page Sueblimely Sue Bride for free consultations.
  • Building you WordPress sites (with developer rights to many premium themes, this works out very reasonably because you don’t have to buy them yourself). I also have experience in building WP multi-sites, membership and team sites, and forums.
  • Referring you to free and premium resources that I’ve tried, and which impress me.
  • Working with Photoshop is a personal interest and I’ve started creating free images for you to use on Social Media sites. I have lots more to come in 2016. Check out my Free Web Image Resources Facebook Page for news of new free images and albums full of Public Domain images.
  • I’ve started adding various resources, based on new research and the many notes I’ve compiled over the years, to an add-on site to Blogging and Social Media Resources. There’s not much there yet but I’ll be adding lots more.

Programs I Promote: