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What is Branding?

Simply, it is your promise to your customer, telling them what they can expect with your services or products.  Your brand identity is your message and online presence. Not your company because that is subject to change. Your own brand will always be yours alone.

Understanding your your clients, inside and outside, their demographics their,  language and want they need and want for their businesses. A brand is reinforced through repetition of consistent messaging, the ongoing value of your offerings and a clear understanding of your audience’s interests and preferences.

Your brand is derived from who you are, who people perceive you to be, and who you want to be in the future.

Your customers or prospects are initially attracted to your business because of the emotional impact of your brand. First impressions do matter ! How your brand makes people feel and how they react to it are the key drivers of your brand’s perception.

So when a design company says they can re-brand your brand….
You need to ask them:
– if they will interview your team?
– they know your companies mission statement?
– do they know what are the benefits and or features of your services or products?

Your Logo is not your brand. Your brand includes everything you do, everywhere you are. Building a strong brand does not just include re-designing your logo. If it doesn’t involve your strategy, your message and your emotional appeal along with your visual identity – then it’s not branding.

A brand is an identifying mark, think McDonald’s golden arches or the swoosh of Nike. They associate their products with star athletes, hoping customers will transfer their emotional attachment from the athlete to the product. But your logo is not your brand.

So what is your brand then? It’s what you are saying to your clients or customers. Visually, verbally, attributes that define who and what your company is. It distinquishes you from your competition.

You should be consistent with your sales pitches, your facebook ads, or on your blog. Right down to what you say when you answer your phone. Your brand is in everything you do, everywhere online or offline.

Your core values should be written down. Take a hard look at your competition and figure out how to do it better. The next step is to create compelling, credible and consistent messaging that supports your business goals.

This can seem like a journey of self discovery in your business. Do you know what your customers think of your company? What are the qualities you want them to associate with your company? Ask them, survey them, and then you will really know.

When you lead with yourself first, rather than your company or Network Marketing Company …you start to attract people who are looking for help and guidance rather than scaring people away because they think all your want is to sell your business.

So rather than leading with your Opportunity…why not lead with your own BRAND first and develop a raving fan base and have people follow YOU, not the business you represent! What a concept!


This is YOUR chance to learn how to use these 4 steps to Brand YOU. 

Contact me, Kathryn Maclean to set up a 15 min chat on Skype and we can discuss this.

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